Crypto Reality History

Crypto Reality was founded in 2004 by Mark Zaskey. It’s focus has always been documenting truths of our reality that generally go unnoticed and yet have eminent consequences. What Mark saw in 2013 prompted him to create a blog called “The Bigfoot Researcher’s Journal.” Another blog by Mark Zaskey: The Online Sasquatch of the Moneymaking Skeptics.

Mark and Melanie took the blog and turned it into a research show in 2015 with the intention of showing the world what it would take to accomplish documenting and validating evidence for the Bigfoot Species to the extent that academia can no longer ignore it. The two, like-minded in serving the community set about their quest to explain the existence and reality of the Bigfoot Species.

Privately funded, together over the last eight years, they’ve logged thousands of hours in the field, observing the creatures in their natural habitat. Together their hard work both in and out of the field has enabled Crypto Reality to accomplish the Impossible… they’ve learned how to capture the Bigfoot Species on film at will.

Below find some resources documenting integral aspects of Crypto Reality’s history. The first two videos are initial episodes Mark and Melanie made of “The Bigfoot Researcher’s Journal.”

The Bigfoot Researcher's Journal 2015

The Bigfoot Researcher's Journal 2016

The Bigfoot Researchers Journal 2017

The Bigfoot Researcher's Journal 2018

IS Bigfoot Real? 2018

During a trip to Tallahassee in 2018, Mark and Melanie visited The State Archives of Florida which are the Archives Division of Library and Information Science. For research they collect, preserve and make available historically significant records of the state.

After discussions with an archivist, and during that visit the archivist provided Mark and Melanie with a copy of a document from the Florida House of Representative from 1978 which reviews: “A bill to be entitled An act relating to anthropoid or humanoid animals; prohibiting the taking, possessing, harming, or molesting thereof; providing a penalty providing an effective date.

As you can see in the documents below, on page one Chairman Haben confirms when asked if this is the same bill from last year; “Yes. Its the one that basically flies in the face of constitutional rights.” And on page six you see Chairman Haben stating “Show the passage of the bill without objection. When asked by Representative Fontana: you mean we passed that bill? Chairman Haben states Yes.”


Actual Transcripts From Florida Senate in 1978

The Bigfoot Researcher's Journal 2019

The Bigfoot Researcher's Journal 2020