Kerry Watching From Above

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Kerry Arnold

Rest in Peace Kerry, We Got This

Michael  Kerry Arnold (1973-2022)

Kerry first contacted us in 2015 with a sincere desire to help us succeed in our work. He recognized in Crypto Reality Films, the same features that he witnessed in his own horrifying introduction to reality while he was hunting. Kerry’s Bigfoot encounter left an impression that motivated him to contact us. Over the course of seven years we got to know Kerry, he became so much more to both Melanie and I.

Kerry’s passion for the subject stemmed from his traumatic experience in which he felt no human should be confronted with reality in such a harrowing way. Kerry believed each individual has the right to know the truth about the world we live in and we should not be subject to lies and placed in vulnerable situations due to a lack of information about the truth of the world we live in.

Kerry Arnold was a dear friend to both Mark and Melanie AND Crypto Reality’s greatest patron and supporter.

He was taken from this world way to soon! Thank you Kerry. Godspeed, Onward we go to truth!

The video below is a collage of clips of Kerry out in the field again with the Crypto Reality team confronting his own fears to learn more about what he saw that day. “Beautiful Lies” was Kerry’s favorite out of all of Mark’s musical recordings.


Kerry was great at bringing people together in the name of finding the truth about the Bigfoot Species. Below is a gallery of images from Kerry’s 168 Hours Bigfoot Expedition in which people came from all over the country to search for evidence in Crypto Reality’s research areas. Many people were touched by Kerry’s ability to make them feel heard and valued! Thank you Kerry you were a great leader! We move forward together to bring truth to the world about the Bigfoot Species.