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Truth about the Bigfoot Species

Bigfoot Live on the Ourskirts of our Communities

It has long been thought they live elsewhere, that does not appear to be the case.

Bigfoot are Keystone Preditators

They effect every aspect of the environments they choose to inhabit.

Importance of Bigfoot Habitat

Human development directly affects their existence.

Mission of Crypto Reality

Support those who have the courage to come forward with the truth. Conduct a proper field investigation "On site" to attempt to determine what species they encountered. Collect physical evidence at the scene and film or photograph the creatures by using current study data. Developing data backed conclusions from all available sources.

History of Crypto Reality

the Story behind Crypto Reality and


Mark and Melanie Zaskey began Crypto Reality in 2014 researching Bigfoot after Mark had a chance Bigfoot encounter in 2013.

Research began in many wilderness areas in South Florida. Where Mark and Melanie instantly found prof of the Hominoid Species.

Impossible? Is the culmination of thousands of hours of long term observation in areas known to hold these creatures, combined with the details gleaned from actual interviews conducted “On Site” with the very people who saw the creatures, and have had experiences with them.

Mark Zaskey: Top in Field Research regarding The Bigfoot Species. Engaging with People around the world who have had Bigfoot Encounters. In hopes of bringing about the truth regarding the Bigfoot Species.

Join Us in the search for Truth Regarding the Bigfoot Species

Key points about BigFoot

Archaic Human Primate

Wild Hominoids have been spotted all over the world, the general description matches Archaic Human Primate. Meaning Old World Primate.

Sasquatch Camaflague

Environmental adaptations include; achromatic coloration of skin, enabling extreme variations in color in real time while the hair and its physical properties break up the outline of the creatures rendering them all but invisible to the human eye.


Evidence we find indicates these creatures live in family groups.


Sasquatch represent mankind’s only direct competition for land and resources across the planet. If it is found that they are indeed a type of human, Human Rights apply. Raising many political questions. Is this why they are being ignored?

Florida Bigfoot Track

Important stuff

some things you should know

Crypto Reality answers the call of people who have encounters with the Bigfoot Species

After Crypto Reality receives your investigation request, we analyze the experience and determine if your encounter will be investigated by Crypto Reality.

 Mark & Melanie will travel to your location, complete an interview and engage in a site investigation, collecting evidence on the site, exploring the area and collecting Bigfoot Evidence. 

Mark travel to your location. Record the interview about your Bigfoot encounter and engage in an on-site investigation in the same spot of your encounter. You may be asked to participate in an online live about your encounter.  Mark and Melanie will work together to create a film on the experience. 

Reach out to us at [email protected] to begin the process. We look forward to hearing from you. 

General FAQ's

Common questions about Bigfoot

Wild Archaic Human Primates are a reality here in America.

Based on eyewitness descriptions and all available research, it seems Bigfoot are a type of man.

They live in forests and you don’t and its that simple.

The creatures themselves on film, tracks, hair, structures, tree and forest manipulations, basic tool usage, audio, DNA, eyewitness accounts.

While questions like this are common, evidence of the hominoids actually being supernatural is scarce. The evidence we see does not indicate supernatural presence as far as we can determine.

Hominoids are masters of their environments. They are embedded in the areas they inhabit. It appears to be to the extent neither man nor their prey are aware of their presence.