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Cultural Oppression Through Scientific Dogma Eliminated Acceptance of the hominoids as a part of the modern day natural world

Crypto RealityConfronting The Cultural Oppression Of The Knowledge and Understandings Of The Indigenous Peoples of North America.

Cultural Oppression cannot exist without re-enforcement, the opinions of modern day science (then)- created a mentality in Europe and around the world with press, and from sources that still exist today in England and America- Toward native tribal peoples that completely denied them any human rights.

Modern science at that time- Controlled by The Royal Academy was of the opinion that “Lesser” men could be identified and separated by Skull structure-Any variations from “Anglo” Bone structure automatically placed you “Outside” accepted classifications of “Modern” or “Graduated” man.

This campaign of indignities was one of the first examples of the tyrannical justification of genocide in modern times. When examined this widely accepted scientific theory was coming from “Royal” scientific representatives. This “Racist” information was being used to create, cultivate and control a mind-set in one culture to pit it against another. It was the philosophy then of that time-period and of “Anglo” Science that ALL indigenous peoples were of a kind of lesser man-and thusly and rightly ruled. The enslavement and genocide of ALL indigenous peoples around the world in modern day times had “Royal” scientific justification. 

The European invasion began. It’s completely and utterly true that the entire world was being told there was unlimited land and resources as well as freedom from oppression religious or otherwise, in the new world. The only thing was, there was a bunch of ignorant savages (North American Native Peoples) Standing in their way who basically did not deserve to live.

As a matter of proxy-The indigenous were removed from their lands and ALL indigenous history-and understandings of the natural world were systematically dismantled, labeled non-sense and the ignorant ramblings of a lesser species of man. Oral traditions that existed concerning life in the North American Wild were simple to kill. The information ceased to exist. Relegation of questionable topics like The Hominoids to “MYTH” or “Folklore”  legend was implemented and widely publicized to this day. These facts of Native life on the North American Continent were swept under a brand new shiny carpet using the same “Anglo” scientific justifications used to justify killing 4 million indigenous and displacing the rest permanently.

The Real history of The Native Peoples of North America clearly illustrates that these hominoid species have been present and for centuries the indigenous interacted with them. When thoroughly researched, there is testimony that the Wild Hominoids of modern day encounters were actually accepted as co-inhabitants (REAL) in most of the wild lands they settled.

There are over 100 Native North American names for this species of upright walking hairy giant-because they exist.

All North American Tribes knew they existed and accepted this because until the land was invaded by the real “Hostiles” the hoards of European settlers, it was understood as a fact of every day existence that as you would expect to sometimes see a fox or a rabbit you would also sometimes see a giant hairy hominoid. The dispersal and similarities between native tribes descriptions of the hominoids is uncanny. As a matter of principle and wilderness  common sense you would listen to an expert before you would listen to a layman. The indigenous of this continent are the experts. 

Here @cryptoreality.us it our firm understanding that what has happened and continues to happen here is completely intentional and utterly unjustifiable. This philosophy of greed, racism and the denial of a people is known the world over-and yet modern day science continues to this day unabated, this racist and completely unrealistic stance where any acknowledgement of what the Native tribes completely understood about North America is concerned-Bigfoot Is Real. This shall not stand. Click the link to begin learning about what has been eliminated from your consciousness by the same scientific thinking that eliminated the indigenous peoples of North America.

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